To switch between Test and Production EMS desktop environments:

  1. Close EMS desktop.

  2. Open Command Prompt. (Windows Start menu, type in “cmd”).

  3. Copy the line of code after the “:” below.

    1. For test EMS: reg add "HKCU\Software\EMS Software\Version 223" /d https://emstest.seattleu.edu/EMSDesktopWebDeploy/  /t REG_SZ /v AppFacadeUrl /f

    2. For production EMS: reg add "HKCU\Software\EMS Software\Version 223" /d https://reservations.seattleu.edu/EMSDesktopWebDeploy/  /t REG_SZ /v AppFacadeUrl /f

  4. Right-click on Command Prompt to paste. Press enter. It should say “The operation completed successfully.”

  5. Open EMS desktop. Check in the top left corner to see the name of the database server: “its-eap-tsql1” is Test, and “its-eap-psql1” is production.

The Test and Production EMS Web App may be accessed at the following URLs:

  1. Test EMS Web App: https://emstest.seattleu.edu/EmsWebApp/

  2. Production EMS Web App: https://reservations.seattleu.edu/EmsWebApp/


EMS is the room scheduling software used by Seattle University.

It is a desktop application with the option to access the application via a web page.

CES created a PDF document with access and installation instructions:

Requesting Access

Access may be requested by contacting Conference and Events Services. For now, the contact for this is Suzanne Haws at shaws2@seattleu.edu or 206-296-6039.


The desktop software may be installed by using Company Portal or Software Center from the Windows Start Menu.

The desktop software is not available on a Mac.

The web portal for EMS can be reached at https://reservations.seattleu.edu.