Setup for iPhone: Jabber

On this page, you can learn how to set up Cisco-Jabber on your Apple iPhone.

Installation Requirments

  • iPhone 5s or higher

  • iPhone IOS 11 or higher

  • An active account on the Apple App Store

Installation of Software

I. On your iPhone go to the Apple App Store, Search for Cisco Jabber, and install it.

2. During the installation you may be prompted to allow Jabber to Access your Contacts. This is optional and not required for use with the Seattle U phone system. access to contacts integrates only the local contact list of your phone to Jabber and does not integrate the Seattle U directory into Jabber.

3. During the installation you may be prompted to allow Jabber to send you Notifications. ITS recommends you allow this setting. You can allow or deny access for individual notifications at any time in settings.

4. After the installation has been completed, tap Open.

5. Read and accept the notices and license terms.

6. If presented with screens explaining specific features swipe left to the final screen then tap Get Started Now.

7. When prompted to allow Jabber to access the Microphone tap OK.

Configuring and Signing in to Jabber

I. At the Cisco Jabber sign-in screen, enter your Seattle U email address ( and tap Continue.

2. When prompted, enter your Seattle U password and click Sign In as shown below.

3. If prompted to update credentials, tap Update. The Voicemail setup screen appears as shown below.

4. Enter your Seattle U username and password then tap Apply.

Note: On subsequent logins, the Cisco-Jabber sign-in screen will be populated with your Seattle U username. Simply enter your password and tap Sign In.

3. Using Jabber

Please review the Jabber User Guide for Windows on the ITS Softphones Page.

4. Signing Out

I. Tap the Person Icon in the top-left corner of your screen then tap Sign Out.

Note: Signing out is required to turn off Jabber completely and no longer accept or make calls.