Computer Refresh FAQs

Welcome to the computer refresh FAQ page! Here you can find answers to your questions about the Computer Refresh Program (CRP), device requests and funding, and device accessories and extensions.

The Computer Refresh Program (CRP) ensures the efficient replacement of the computers used in our classrooms, computer labs, public spaces, and offices. The goal of this initiative is to provide Seattle University students, faculty, and staff with updated and reliable technological tools for their work and studies. Yearly, Information Technology Services is given funding by the university to replace devices in event spaces, labs, and public areas of campus. ITS then allocates the remaining funding to divisions, which is managed by CRP coordinators.

CRP Coordinators will identify who has the greatest need for a device. If you feel you need a new device reach out to your coordinator.

Devices running Windows 7 are required to be replaced. Computers older than four years and any computer that has performance, wear, or security issues are recommended to be replaced.

No. Old devices identified to be replaced must be recycled through the Computer Refresh Program to ensure that our inventory is accurate, secure, and up to date with technology standards. Considering this, we replace each computer one for one.  

In most cases, yes. Devices are identified due to a variety of factors, such as the age of the device or if it is a security risk. If your device has security risks, low performance, or damage to the exterior, then you should have your device replaced. Please work with your coordinator as they manage individual division’s Computer Refresh Program if you have questions. 

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