Printing Labels


  1. Choose Printer Properties for the SU-Print-Queue


  2.  Navigate to the Paper tab. Choose Bypass Tray as the Paper Source and Labels as your Paper Type. Please note: If "Labels" is NOT selected as your Paper Type, labels will peel during printing. 


  3. Choose OK and click Print after settings have been chosen. You may see a message regarding margin size (see below). If this appears, click "Yes" to continue. 


  4. Select either a "personal" or "shared" account to charge your print to.


  5. Log in to the printer and choose Device Functions. Navigate to the Copy screen. 


  6. Choose Paper Select from the left hand menu.


  7. Select the Bypass Tray option as well as Type and Size from the menu. 


  8. Choose the Labels option from the paper type list. Please note-Paper types MUST be set to Labels to avoid peeling during printing. 


  9. Press OK to verify your selections. The Bypass Tray will remember these settings until they are manually changed later.

  10. Log Out of the printer.

  11. It is recommended that you load 1 set of labels into the bypass tray and run a single test page. This will verify paper orientation due to margin shifts and/or application settings. 

  12. Log in to the printer and release your print job.


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