Wireless Network-Connect to SU-visitor


  1. Select the SU-visitor wireless network on a browser-enabled device. The WiFi portal will be displayed. 

  2. Enter a non-SeattleU email address. 

  3. Accept the terms of service. 

  4. Click Register. After several seconds, the browser will be directed to google.com. You have internet access! 

 Some devices may require specific configuration to connect to SU-visitor due to their default settings or web browser security settings. Please review the following document for configuring your device to connect to SU-visitor.

Connecting to SU-visitor

There are currently two wireless networks at Seattle University. SU-secure is designed for normal University business use by students, faculty and staff. SU-visitor is designed for University guest access. Each SU-visitor session is valid for up to 12 hours, after which you will need to re-register for another 12-hour session. SU-visitor is available in all internal building locations where SU-secure is broadcast. SU-visitor replaces the SU-guest WiFi Portal. 

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