Print from USB



  • USB printing at an MPS Device directly works only with PDFs, JPG images, and TIFF file types. To print word documents or other file types from a USB, convert the files to the approved file types and plug it into a University workstation.

  1. Insert a USB flash drive into the USB port on the MPS device.


  2. Log into the device.


  3. You will be asked to select the account to charge for the print job. Select either "personal" or "shared" account to designate what the print charge should go to. If you only have access to your personal account, choose "Personal." 

  4. From the Main Menu, tap Print from USB.


  5. Select the document(s) to print. Tap Choose Print Settings to continue.


  6. Tap Start to begin printing.


  7. When finished, tap the Logout button at the top of the screen. To go to the Main Menu and use a different function, tap Home.


See the full Managed Printer guide

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