Clear Paper Jams


Users are encouraged to clear simple paper jams if they feel comfortable.  If the jam is complicated or you do not feel comfortable, please contact the Service Desk and a technician will be out shortly to help.


When multi-function printers experience paper jams, they need to be cleared carefully to avoid damaging the printer.

  1. Check if the screen indicates where the paper jam is located

  2. Check the common locations where paper jams occur. These can be seen in the gallery below.

  3. If a paper jam is found, gently remove the obstruction in the direction that the paper would normally move while printing (the on-screen instructions should provide guidance)

  4. If there is no visible paper jam, yet the device still displays the "paper jam" message, please call the Service Desk at (206)-296-5571.

To avoid damaging the printers, do not exert any unnecessary force on any part of the printer while searching for or trying to clear a jam.

Common Paper Jam Locations



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