Printer Move / Add / Change

Can I move an MPS printer to a new location in my office or into another space temporarily?

No. By contract, devices may only be moved by Copiers Northwest staff. Building codes, fire codes, program requirements, and ADA requirements necessitate approval for all printer moves by Reprographics, Facilities, and ITS. If that’s not enough to discourage you, the network ports used by MPS devices are configured specifically for MPS connectivity; changing the network connection will cause the printer to fail. See printer requests to get started.

 Can I upgrade or get an additional printer for our office?

Seattle University and Copiers Northwest have agreed on the number and location of MPS printers.  It may be possible to reallocate devices as needs change, dependent upon availability. See printer requests to get started.

Will MPS pay for the modifications/new furniture if the printer is moved to a different location in the office?

No. MPS numbers and locations have been agreed upon by Seattle University and Copiers NW. Changes to office configurations, including printer accommodations, are the responsibility of the requesting office.

Can we put the open/public printer behind a locked door so some people can’t access it, and/or others have priority use?

The university has allocated printers for open use across campus and access must be maintained where students or other users may need them.  A group displacing an open/public printer is responsible for the costs of relocating that printer to another suitable open location as part of space governance rules. Please consult your project manager who will set up a meeting with Facilities and Reprographics to discuss possible new locations.

How do I request a new printer, printer removal, or printer move?

Printer changes must be reviewed and approved before any changes occur. Please submit a request by following the instructions at Device Relocation Request.

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