How to Check If You Have Administrator Rights in Windows 10


On the Windows-based operating system, administrator rights are required to perform many tasks, such as making system changes, installing and launching the software, etc. Here are a few ways you can check if you have administrator rights in Windows 10.


Method 1: Check for administrator rights in Control Panel

  1. Open Control Panel, and then go to User Accounts > User Accounts.

Now you will see your current logged-on user account display on the right side. If your account has administrator rights, you can see the word "Administrator" under your account name.

Method 2: Check for administrator rights in Settings

  1. Open Settings using Win + I key, and then go to Accounts > Your info.

  2. Now you can see your current signed-in user account. If you are using an administrator account, you can see an "Administrator" word under your user name.


Method 3: Check for administrator rights with Computer Management

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