Forward Your SeattleU Phone to an External Number


The Cisco Self Care Portal allows users to remotely set call forwarding from their SeattleU phone. 


You must be connected to the SeattleU network, either at your local computer or remotely via the VPN or VDI to access the Cisco Self Care Portal. If you forward your Seattle U phone to a personal phone number, the voicemail greeting people will hear is your personal voicemail greeting.

Note: Departments will incur long distance charges for call forwarding to area codes outside the Seattle area. The Seattle area code is 206.

  1. Access the Self Care portal and login with your SeattleU username and password.

  2. The first time you access the portal you are prompted for a PIN Reset. Enter a PIN of 4 or more digits. You will not use this PIN again in this portal and this is not the PIN for your voicemail.

  3. Select Call Forwarding from the menu on the left. The Call Forwarding screen appears, showing the primary extension and any additional extensions configured on the phone associated to your login ID.

  4. For the primary extension:

    1. Click the check box next to Forward all calls to

    2. Select Add a New Number in the pulldown

    3. Enter the external phone number as follows: 
      For a local call from the University's campus 9 + the 10-digit phone number (For example: 92061234567)
      For a long distance call from the University's campus 91 + the 10-digit phone number (For example: 912531234567)

      Note: Calls cannot be forwarded to international numbers.

    4. Click Save.

If you are unsure if your phone number is a long distance call from the campus you can verify that by visiting the local calling guide.   

In the NPA fields you will need to enter the area code of the phone number you are forwarding from and to. For example 206 for any phone on campus. Examples of other area codes 425, 253, 360 etc.

For the NXX fields you will need to enter the phone numbers prefix or the next 3-digits of the phone number. For example 296 which is widely used across campus.

Once all the relevant information has been entered press the submit button. The results will show a Y or N in the “Local Call” box denoting if the call is local or not.

5. When you are finished, go to the upper right corner, click your name, and select Sign Out. 

6. To unforward your phone, uncheck the box below your extension number.

Need additional help? Submit a ticket in our new portal here: IT Service Desk Help Center