Print to the SU Print Queue


Seattle U has a campus-wide printing system. When you click "print" on your document and send it to the SU-Print-Queue, you may go to nearly any machine on campus, login, and your document will be printed there. Use the Help function on any MPS device to see step-by-step instructions for printing, copying, and scanning.


In most cases submit your prints to SU-Print-Queue, which will allow one to release their prints at nearly any printer. Some offices have direct-print devices with queues that look something like "GS001-MPS on oit-prt-print", which will be used instead of SU-Print-Queue for that device.

  1.  Using an SU Workstation or the Virtual Desktop, open the document you would like to print and click File > Print.

  2. In the print drop-down menu, select the SU-Print-Queue (or the direct queue of your device).

  3. Click Print. You may also set advanced printing options before clicking print. 

    1. Mac - Advanced printer settings

    2. PC - Advanced printer settings

  4.  An account selection prompt will appear. Your personal account will be selected as the default for each login session. For work-related printing, select the shared account option and choose an activity from the dropdown. Click Print to continue.

Your print job will not print until you go to the desired printer and release the job. The print job is tied to your account and cannot be printed by anyone else. Print jobs are held in the print queue for 48 hours. See your Print Administrator or administrative assistant to be added to a Print Group. See SU Managed Printing - MPS Print Groups.

To print the document:

5. Go to any MPS printer on campus and log in with your Campus Card. On MFDs (see Printing Definitions) you can also log in manually with your SU username and password as shown here:

6. On a desktop HP printer, all of your prints will be released. On an MFD, you will be presented with the documents you sent to the SU Print Queue. Tap a document to print, or choose Print All.


7. Tap Print. 

Note: you can choose to delete unwanted prints on this screen.

8. When finished, tap Log Out or to use a different function, tap home.

Need additional help? Submit a ticket in our new portal here: IT Service Desk Help Center