SU Intranet - Content Editors

This article is a resource for content editors. Please review for instructions on how to organize your Intranet materials, and what to expect throughout the project.


What are we hoping to achieve by building an intranet?

In alignment with the website redesign project, the intranet will serve as a one-stop shop for internal information. Our goal is to create a space that is easy to navigate and informative. Once complete, faculty, staff, and students can reference the intranet for news, events, and all things SeattleU.

What will the intranet look like?

The intranet is being built in SharePoint and will operate just like a website. Departments and schools will have landing and child pages, and content editors will have the ability to edit/adjust for their area.

Sneak Peek of Draft Homepage

We are also organizing faculty, staff and student-specific homepages, with the intent to curate resources for each audience. If you are a staff member, for example, your homepage will showcase materials and events relevant to staff.

Information Included in the Intranet:

  • Department and School information relevant to faculty, staff and students

  • SU Today articles (your weekly email isn’t going away, but you will be able to reference all recent articles here)

  • Upcoming campus events relevant to faculty, staff or current students

  • Announcements/Notifications relevant to faculty, staff or current students

Information NOT Included in the Intranet (i.e. will be posted to the new website)

  • Resources, materials and events relevant to external communities

  • Promotional items meant for prospective students and employees

  • Donor-related materials

  • Alumni information

How to prepare as a Content Editor

Similar to the work for the new website, we are asking content editors to:

  1. Identify what current information or webpages should be earmarked for internal audiences only. Check out the webpage and content audit that the website team has provided you.

  2. Review the material and edit/update as needed

  3. Organize your materials into Homepage and Childpages (you can base organization off of the current website’s page tree, but this is an opportunity to clean things up or consolidate)

  4. Tag information or pages as faculty, staff or student-related. This will help us put together our curated audience pages, as we can pull “all articles with faculty tags” for the faculty page, etc

Page Templates

Page templates will be available for each homepage and child page.

Homepage template will include:

  • News section

  • Events Section

  • Team Section

  • Quicklinks

Dept Homepage Example

Childpages will include:

  • News section

  • Events section

  • Team section

  • Quicklinks section

Childpage Example


 There is also a navigation bar for each dept/school. In the pictures above, this includes “Our Programs,” “Our Services,” and “Our Resources.” These can each link to a child page.


Content Editor Resources:

Teams Channel

Content Editors will be added to a “Content Editors” channel in the Intranet Project’s Teams site. Content editors can use this channel to ask questions, share ideas, and get project updates.

Department/School/Office Folder

Content Editors will first save their site architecture into a folder in the Teams Site. There are also optional templates for child and parent pages to help prep for final review.

Website Content Audit

The website team has already done an audit of all pages on the old website. You have likely been contacted and sent pages related to your dept/office for review. Please use this as a resource to identify the pages you want us to pull from the website.


Training videos, webinars, and materials will be shared starting in October to help onboard content editors to working in SharePoint.


  • Thursday, November 16th, 12pm

  • Tuesday, November 28th, 11am

Due Dates

When do we need to have our content organized by?

We are asking content editors to organize their materials and submit the page architecture by October 23, 2023. If you need more time, please contact @Genna Magnan .

When will pages and page content need to be reviewed and confirmed by?

First week of December, with sign off given by December 8, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we review/edit our pages?

There will be a review period after migration, likely in early December, for editors to review their pages and alter as needed. If your content is particularly nuanced (or the information on the website is not pertinent to the intranet’s audience) please reach out to Genna for earlier access.

What if my material is relevant for both external and internal audiences?

Any material relevant for external communities should likely go on the website. However, it may make sense for you to note on either the website or the intranet where this information now lives. Make it clear for the user if they are looking on the Intranet that they will find xyz resource on the website, and vice versa. If the majority of your audience is internal, it MAY make sense to keep it on the Intranet. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to discuss further.

Can I continue to edit and improve my pages after December?

Yes! We are focusing on getting all of the important internal content accessible by the time the new website launches and the old website will be inaccessible. But, we will continue to improve and train into the new year (and beyond!).