Redhawk Hub

What is an intranet?

An intranet is an internal website used to securely share organizational information and resources among users.

What are we hoping to achieve by building an intranet?

In alignment with the website redesign project, the intranet will serve as a one-stop shop for internal information. Our goal is to create a space that is easy to navigate, secure, and informative. Once complete, faculty, staff, and students can reference the intranet for news, events, and all things Seattle University.

Intranet Content

Information Included in the Intranet:

  • Department and School information relevant to faculty, staff and students

  • SU Today updates with campus news, messages, and other information (your weekly email isn’t going away, but you will be able to reference all recent updates here)

  • Upcoming campus events relevant to faculty, staff or current students

  • Announcements/Notifications relevant to faculty, staff or current students

Information NOT Included in the Intranet (i.e. will be posted to the new website)

  • Resources, materials and events relevant to external communities

  • Promotional items meant for prospective students, parents, and employees

  • Donor-related materials

  • Alumni information

Site Overview

The intranet is built in SharePoint as a communication site and can be accessed through Microsoft 365. It mirrors a hub and spoke infrastructure, where the main hub site includes the homepages and links out to spoke sites. The connected “wheel” encompasses the intranet.

Brief Introduction to Redhawk Hub

Homepages: To better connect users with relevant and timely information, we have created three distinct homepages: Staff, Faculty and Student. These homepages display news, events, and quicklinks that are curated for the intended audience. 

Redhawk Hub Content: Content submitted from groups across campus has been migrated, refreshed, and organized into different microsites (spoke sites). You can navigate to these groups using the navigation at the top of the site, or by searching for a specific topic using the global search bar. 

Looking to add a group to the Redhawk Hub? Submit a request.

Otherwise, please submit questions to the service desk.



Site Architecture as of May 2024:



Group Owners



Group Owners

Main Hub Site
  • Faculty Homepage

  • Student Homepage

  • Staff Homepage

  • ITS

  • MarCom

Campus Engagement
  • Mission Integration

  • Campus Ministry

  • Center for Student Involvement

  • Redhawk Service Center

    • Office of the Registrar

  • Center for Community Engagement

  • Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Engagement

  • Office of Student and Campus Life

  • Wellness and Health Promotion

  • Parent and Family Engagement

  • Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture

  • Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

  • Center for Jesuit Education Under Construction

  • Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos

  • Destiny Ledesma

  • Marissa Robledo

  • Jazz Scott

  • Robin Lesh

  • Sofia Sayabalian

  • Eunice MacGill

  • Christopher Fiorello

  • Laurie Prince

  • Estefania Kendall

  • Joyce Allen

  • Yolanda Cieters

Human Resources
  • Human Resources

  • Staff Council

  • Brittany Goff

  • Laura Reeve

IT Services
  • IT Services

  • Genna Magnan

  • Madelyn Ringstad

  • Donna

Student Success
  • Advising Services

  • Career Engagement

  • Disability Services

  • Student Employment

  • Student Persistence Under Construction

  • Marina Bydalek

  • Carol Lwali

  • Maggie Neuman

Campus Services
  • Academic Safety

  • Mailing Services

  • Reprographic Services

  • SUperCopy

  • Managed Print Services

  • Transportation and Parking Services

  • Breena Stoner

  • Philip Orlow

  • Winston Wedge

  • Kriston Sanders

  • Stephen Kitajo

  • Planning and Real Estate

  • Design and Construction

  • Building Services

  • Environmental Health and Safety

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Brandon Skinner-Scales

Public Safety
  • Public Safety

  • Ceci Estela

Faculty Affairs
  • Academic Affairs

  • Center for Digital Learning and Innovation

  • Center for Faculty Development

  • Office of Sponsored Projects

  • Laura Knote

  • Megan Otis

  • Colette Taylor

  • Jenna Isakson

Global Engagement
  • Education Abroad

  • International Student Center

  • Jennifer Chan

  • Kirsti Ruud

  • Dario Ogaz

  • Chloe Thomas

  • Dale Watanabe

  • Housing and Residence Life

  • Darlene O’Rourke

Finance and Business Affairs
  • Controller’s Office

  • Payroll

  • Procurement

  • University Budget Office

  • Mark Schoen

  • Brent Hanada

University Administration
  • Advancement Services

  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Office of Strategic Initiatives

  • Marketing Communications Under construction

  • General Counsel Under Construction

  • Aaron Clarry

  • Paige Powers

  • Eric Simpson

  • Eli Christopher

SU Today
  • SU Today

  • Mike Thee

Graduate, Executive, Professional Scheduled
  • Graduate

  • Executive

  • Professional

  • Diana Fishel-Hall

  • Caitlin Forbes

College of Arts and Sciences

Content Under Development

  • Heather Reis Fike

  • Serena Cosgrove

  • Connor Smith

  • Yitan Li

  • Reine Mages

  • Felipe Murtinho

Advising scheduled

Coming July 2024


College of Education

Content Under Development

  • Meghan McNeil

College of Nursing

Content Under Development

  • Beth Branchaw

College of Science and Engineering

Content Under Development

  • Beth Branchaw

  • Ami Kinnamon

  • John Teegarden

Albers School of Business and Economics

Content Under Development

  • Sofia Sayabalian