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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost me to print/copy/scan?

For general costs, see Managed Printing Costs.

Students can learn more at SU Managed Printing - Student Printing.

 Do student print funds roll over each quarter?

Absolutely. If you do not use all of your free prints, they will roll over from quarter to quarter throughout the school year. Your free print allotment resets in Summer. Your free prints from the last school year will not roll over to the next one.

No. Student Employee (SE) accounts are designed to be used only to access public email folders. SE accounts are not meant to act as your regular work-related email, for printing, or T-drive permissions. Using an SE account for work-related printing can interfere with printing because you cannot swipe your Campus Card to release print jobs linked to your SE account. Moreover, if an MPS device fails, we have installed backup devices that will print, but you cannot use an SE account to log into these, you must swipe your Campus Card.

May I use my copy card on MPS devices?

Copy cards are shared swipe cards that allow multiple users access to MPS device functions (Sharp devices only). Your Copy Card will be effective for copying, scanning, and printing from a USB device; however, it is not possible to release prints sent from a computer.

For more information please visit SU Managed Printing - Print from USB

How long does a print job stay in the queue/stick around to be printed from any MPS device?

A print job remains in the queue for 48 hours. This means once you hit "print" you can go to any MPS device in the next 48 hours and print your document.

How do I create/delete an MPS budget?

Print Administrators can set up print groups to allow users to print using a university activity’s budget for work purposes. See SU Managed Printing - MPS Print Groups

Can I get a refund if my document failed to print?

Yes, our MPS system automatically refunds any failed prints. To view your account balance, visit MPS Print Refunds.

Note: Please wait 15-60 minutes before checking your balance as it may take some time before the system adjusts the charges. 

What paper is covered under MPS?

MPS provides white 30% recycled 8.5 x 11 paper at no extra charge.  Other paper types such as of different sizes, thicknesses, textures, or colors are available for purchase through the following channels:  

University departments:

  • ProcureSU

  • Reprographics, in PAVL 020


  • SUperCopy, located in PAVL 010

  • Campus Store, at the corner of Madison and 12th

  • Any online or brick and mortar paper retailer

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