Sharing Files or Folders with External Users (SharePoint/OneDrive)

If your file is stored in SharePoint or OneDrive, you can share it with external users, unless restrictions on the specific SharePoint site have blocked external sharing.


  1. Right-click the file or folder, and choose Share (or the share icon in Windows 11)

  2. The link type must be People you specify to share with external users. In the example below, the link has a default setting of “People in Seattle University with the link can edit”. To change it:

    1. Click on the current link type (underlined in red below):


    2. Choose Specific people, and optionally change the other settings to Can view if access to edit the file is not wanted, then click Apply.

  3. Add the email addresses you would like to receive access, and then optionally add a message and click Send, or click Copy if you would like to paste the link into an existing communication.


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