Update Legacy (Basic) Authentication with Zoom Integration

Depending on when the Zoom and Outlook calendar integration was setup, then the configuration might be using legacy authentication. If so, the configuration needs to be changed to support modern authentication using the following steps.


  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal at https://seattleu.zoom.us

  2. Click Profile in the left sidebar. 

  3. In the Others section, look for the Calendar and Contact Integration section, and click the button to  Configure Calendar and Contacts Service (or it may say Connect to Calendar and Contacts Service).

  4. Or if this is already set up, click the link to Configure.

  5. Select Office 365 and click Next.  

  6. Below Choose a way to authorize the calendar, click the box to Authorize with OAuth 2.0.  

  7. Click Authorize and login to Microsoft online with your SU account. 

  8. Once you have completed the Microsoft login process, your Outlook and Zoom will be connected using OAuth 2.0.