How to book a library room through email

How to book a LEMIEUX Library room through Outlook calendar


Students, faculty, and staff may reserve a group study room in Lemieux Library up to two weeks in advance, for events up to two hours long. You will use your Office 365 account to reserve the room, and the procedure is quite similar to the procedure for inviting a person to a meeting or event.

Meeting requests more than two hours long, more than two weeks in advance, conflicting with a pre-existing booking, or for a recurring event, will be automatically declined. If you do not receive a confirmation email from the room, you do not have a reservation.

  1. Log into your SU email account

  2. Go to the Calendar

  3. Click the New or New Event button. This will open an Appointment window

  4. Set the name of your event and time and date you wish to book the room – start time and end time

  5. Note: You can only book a room up to two weeks in advance, and for maximum 2-hour duration.

  6. Click "Search for a Room or Location"

  7. Click "Browse with Room Finder"

  8. A list of rooms will appear in a panel on the right-hand side of the window. Look for the Lemieux rooms, numbers 270-511. Click on the room you wish to book. You cannot reserve rooms 351, 366, 369, and 502, these are not group study rooms.

  9. The room you selected will now appear in the Location field

  10. Select Send to request the reservation

  11. If the room accepts the booking, you will receive a confirmation email within one minute

  12. If the room is unavailable, or you have requested a booking that conflicts with another booking, exceeds the maximum length, or is too far in advance, you will receive a request declined email

  13. If your request is declined, repeat this process, choosing another room, or another time

  14. Note: For a booking to be fully completed, you must receive a "Your request was accepted" email.