Printing Using the Tap Method

Due to new technology, Seattle University students, faculty, and staff can use a tap method while printing instead of a swipe method. Here you can learn how to use the tap method via PaperCut!

Printing Using PaperCut

  1. From an SU workstation or the Virtual Desktop, open the document you would like to print and click File, then click Print.

  2. In the print drop-down menu, select the SU-Print-Queue (or the direct queue of your device).

  3. Click Print. You may also set advanced printing options before printing. 

  4. Next, an account selection prompt will appear. Your personal account will be selected as the default for each login session. For work-related printing, select the shared account option and choose an activity from the dropdown. Click Print to continue.

  5. Next, move to a nearby printer. For printer locations, please visit our open-access printer locations page.

  6. Locate the PaperCut Tap Station on the printer.

  7. Place your card on the Tap Station. This will automatically log in to your account.

  8. Select Print All in the top right corner of the account screen.

  9. Your document has now been printed, collect your item from the printer.

Note: Make sure to sign out from the account screen before you leave.

Need additional help? Submit a ticket in our new portal here: IT Service Desk Help Center