Residence Hall Network

ITS provides wireless network services in the Bellarmine, Campion, Chardin, Douglas, Murphy Apts, and Xavier residence halls. Third-party wired and wireless access is provided to the Vi Hilbert Hall apartments, Kolvenbach houses, Logan Court condominiums, and Yobi apartments.

Please see below for site-specific details:

Wired Network in Bellarmine, Campion, Chardin, Douglas, Murphy Apts, and Xavier:

  • One network jack is available per student.  One or more jacks may also be available in select common areas such as lounges, study rooms, or lobbies.

  • To see where to connect wired devices in the primary residence halls click here: ResHall Wired Network Jacks

Wireless Networks in Bellarmine, Campion, Chardin, Douglas, Murphy Apts, and Xavier:

  • SU-secure is recommended for use by computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Devices that lack a web browser or devices that only support a pre-shared key (PSK) in their wireless configuration cannot be connected to Seattle University wireless networks. This may include gaming consoles, entertainment systems, audio/video streaming devices, and other non-computer devices.

Note: It is recommended that streaming content always be accessed over a wired connection since there will always be far more bandwidth available on the wired connection.

In order to minimize interference to Seattle University wifi networks, residents in Bellarmine, Campion, Chardin, Douglas, Murphy Apartments, and Xavier are not allowed to install or use any device that broadcasts a wifi network or intentionally disrupts Seattle University wifi access. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Wireless access points

  • Wireless routers or firewalls

  • Wireless storage devices

  • Adhoc wireless networks

  • Wireless printers 

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