Faculty Portal Overview

This guide provides an overview of how to access and navigate the newly launched Faculty Portal in Slate for Student Success. This will be your source for entering and viewing advising notes, and accessing information about your advisees and students enrolled in your courses.

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Overview video

For more information about the project, release notes, and to provide feedback or enhancement requests check out our change management site.

For a step-by-step guide of the information in the video, see the content below.

Accessing the Faculty Portal (0:17)

  • To access the Faculty portal, simply visit success.seattleu.edu/portal/SU_success.

    • You can find this link easily accessible in your MySeattleU account under your daily work under your faculty or educational planning.

    • When you click the link, you'll be automatically logged in because of your Seattle University single sign-on credentials.

Once you've arrived at the Faculty portal, you'll notice a welcome right away with your name.

At the top of the screen you'll you'll see some tabs to help you navigate the portal, and you'll notice that your homepage will be a list of your advisees.

This table shows you some basic information about your students, their advisors, and a button that gives you access to their advising notes.


Quick Guide

  • Advising Notes: Submit after any meeting or exchange between an advisor or advised.

  • Early Alerts: Submit whenever there are concerns about a student’s persistence or general well-being.

  • Interactions: Submit for students who are not on your advisee list, but with whom you’ve had a meaningful interaction.

  • Referrals: Referrals to campus partners allow a warm hand-off for students needing support from another department. Refer a student when submitting an Advising Note or Interaction.

Viewing a students advising notes (1:13)

You can open a student's view, by clicking on the Add/View Advising Notes box.

You will then see all historical advising notes through 2019, and we can see them in chronological order with the most recent note at the top.

Open a note to read more information, including the summary of the note, and you can also log an advising note right here in the table of student notes.

By clicking on the Log Advising Note box, you will see a pop-up that allows you to submit your note.


Student dashboard and actions (1:43)

In your Advisees view, you're also able to click on the student record itself and view a dashboard of information about the student, their class level, program, e-mail advisors, and their current class registration for this quarter.

There are a few actions you can take from this window. See examples of each below.

  • Email students: You can email students directly through the Success Portal by clicking on their email address.

  • Submit and advising note

  • Submit an early alert about your Advisee where the Advisee's information is already scoped into the form, saving you a step in the entry process. Your information will also be loaded into the form, making this a quick and easy way to submit an alert about a student in your Advisee caseload.

  • Lastly, you can click the Student Planning button to be navigated to the full Student Planning record in MySeattleU.

Email Student

Submit an advising note

Submit an early alert

Courses (2:49)

In the My Courses tab, you'll see a list of all of the courses in the current academic year that you have taught with at least one student enrollment in the course.


In this sample, we can see two courses from the Fall quarter and one course from this winter quarter.

When you click into a course, you'll see the full roster of students enrolled in that course and a confirmation of their registration status for that course.


Click on any of the students on your roster and you'll see a similar dashboard to what you viewed in your Advisee tab. This will provide some basic information about the student, the opportunity to e-mail and contact them directly through the CRM, the opportunity to submit an alert, and to log an interaction.

To log an interaction, click on the Log Interaction button on the right and the form will pop up.


Mid-Quarter Surveys [UCOR Only] (3:46)

If you're teaching a UCOR Success Course, you'll be able to complete your mid-quarter surveys right here from the faculty portal.

You'll see when you open a student in a UCOR Success Course that there's going to be an extra action button to complete your U Course survey for the student.



Use the form to complete and submit your survey responses about the student.

Once submitted, you will be automatically redirected to your course portal where you can see how many of the required surveys you’ve completed for this course.


Alerts-Coming soon! (4:24)

Very shortly, you'll be able to see alerts that you've submitted about students of academic concern after the Office of Student Persistence has processed them.

We will update this information as it becomes available.

Other Students Tab: Submit an alert or log interaction (4:42)

Lastly, you have a tab that says Other Students.

This allows you to submit an alert or login interaction for any student at the university, even if they don't fall into your Advisee or Course roster lists.

You can submit an alert or again login interaction for any student at the university and that's a quick overview of our faculty portal.


Need additional help? Visit our other Slate guides in Confluence or find more resources at the Slate for Student Success Change Management page.

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