How to Ensure Lectern Computers are Turned On

Every classroom and most event spaces on campus have a lectern or podium where the computer is stored. The following are basic troubleshooting steps to ensure the computer in the lectern is turned on.


  1. Swirl the mouse around.

    Often times if a computer is left on and dormant for a predetermined period, the computer will go into sleep mode, a sort of electronic hibernation process that conserves power and helps extend the life of the hardware. The computer, if it is on, will recognize the mouse movement as activity and “wake up”

  2. If that doesn’t work, look inside the cabinet doors for the actual computer (the computer may look slightly different than the one in the photograph)

    If none of the lights on the computer are on, then the computer is turned off. If the light surrounding the power button is slowly blinking, then the computer is powered on, but in a dormant state. In either case, press the power button. It may take a few minutes for the computer to boot up.

  3. If none of the lights anywhere are on and nothing happens when you push the button (no lights turn on, it doesn’t make a beep, and/or a fan doesn’t start whirring) then the lectern is not plugged in. Find the plug running from the bottom of the lectern and plug it into the nearest outlet. Please wait 1-2 minutes for the system to boot before attempting to use any of the hardware.

    If the computer is powered on and you still aren’t seeing anything on your monitor or the projector then there is a different issue.

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