Finding the Asset Number of a Printer

What is the Asset Number of a Printer?

An Asset Number (or Equipment ID) uniquely identifies a printer in the Managed Print Services (MPS) program. Providing this number helps us locate a device when it needs service or to investigate issues and avoids delays if we are unsure which machine is causing problems.

Where do I find this number?

The Asset Number is a 5-digit code consisting of two letters followed by three numbers. Nearly all of the MPS printers begin with “GS” but some begin with “HD”. There will be at least one label on the front of the device with this number.

Example of the easiest label to locate:



If you do not see the above label, look for this one:



If you still cannot find the Asset Number, it may not be an MPS printer or it may have been removed. Just provide the specific location and we’ll reach out if we still have troubles.