Create link between SharePoint and OneDrive

author: Alicia Goodwin

Please choose one method to use or the other. If you use both bookmarks and sync SharePoint to your file explorer issues will occur!


How to Sync SharePoint or OneDrive to your Device for Easy Access  

a. You will need to go into an internet browser, such as Google Chrome, and navigate to your SharePoint. 

b. Ensure you are in the Documents Section of your SharePoint using the left-hand navigation bar.  

 c. Choose the “Sync” option in the ribbon and it will sync with the device you are on.  All documents will be seen in your device’s File Explorer, and you can edit/save documents to your SharePoint site while not working in a browser.  

i. Below is an image of a user working on the desktop version of Word, and they want to save a document. Users can save documents directly to SharePoint or OneDrive.  

ii. Below is an image of a user’s File Explorer on their device. OneDrive is seen on the device because it has been synced. A user does not need to go into an internet browser to access files.  

Adding a Bookmark from SharePoint to your One Drive 

a. Navigate to your online SharePoint document library. 

b. Select what folder you wish to bookmark. 

c. In the documents ribbon you will see “ Add Shortcut to OneDrive,” select this link.  

d. A new shortcut link will be added to your OneDrive. You can pin it for quick access to the top of your file explorer by right-clicking on the new shortcut and selecting “Pin for quick access.” 

i. You can also rename the shortcut here for clarity if necessary



Instructions for working offline with documents in OneDrive


Documents saved to OneDrive are not stored on your computer. They live in the cloud (a computer in a Microsoft data center). If you need to access a document on OneDrive you will need an internet connection. If you need to work offline (ie on an airplane), you will need to download the documents you need to your computer.

  1. Go to your File Explorer and select SharePoint site that holds your documents

  1. Open the folder and right click the document you need to download and select “Always Keep on this Device”.

  1. The icons next to the file names indicate whether a document lives in one of three places:

    1. blue cloud → in the cloud

    2. light green check mark → temporarily on your computer (not permanently downloaded)

    3. grass green check mark → on your computer (downloaded - ready for you to work online)