Access and User Management for Site Owners

By Tori Moffat

SharePoint owners control who has access to the site. The resources below explain the levels of membership and how to add/remove members.   OneDrive accounts are created and attached to user's accounts when their SU email address is created, as OneDrive is used for individual storage needs.  

Please note that if an employee leaves the university, and their account is deactivated, this will automatically remove their access to any document sharing. However, if an SU employee switches roles or is only an alumni and no longer employed by the university, their membership will need to be removed from SharePoint.  


Owner vs Member in SharePoint 

a. There are two main groups in SharePoint: Owners and Members  

b. Owners can edit and share anything. They are the site administrators. (Requests to be added to the SharePoint are sent to Owners) 

c. Members can edit and share documents/folders, but not give access to the entire site to new members 

d. There is also a visitor or read only user- this type of access is given at the document or folder level. See the “Introduction to SharePoint Training” document provided or review this Microsoft explanation: How to Share a Document or Folder in SharePoint with Others 


How to Add Member to your SharePoint 

a. To add a new member or change someone’s access level, go to the upper right-hand corner and click on “3 members.” Note this number will change as membership changes. 

b. From there a group membership list will appear, click the “Add members” link. 

c. Type in the name of the user you would like to add and choose their member type from the drop down. 

d. Hit save once complete. An automated email will let the person know they have been added. 


Remove a User’s Access to SharePoint 

a. In the same member area as adding members above, chose the drop down underneath the person you wish to remove and choose “Remove from group.” 


Manage User Access for Specific Documents/Folders  

a. SharePoint owners have the ability to give users access to only certain files or folders and not the entire SharePoint.  

b. To grant access to certain users, click the three dots on the item who wish to manage access. Choose the “Manage access” option from this list. 

c. Owners can give direct access to users by using the “+” symbol next to direct access. This will grant a user continual access only to part of the SharePoint.  

i. A good use case for this is giving users access to everything in a certain folder and not every document in the folder individually. 

ii. In this same area you would remove access as well.