How To create a Teams site that includes a calendar

Teams does not have a familiar built-in calendar function.  You can create a Office 365 Group, then Create a Teams site from that Group. The calendar is technically separate but it will have the same name as the Teams site.

Important - this process will not add a calendar to an existing Teams site.


  1. Create a new Office 365 Group in Outlook. Add as many members as you see fit.

  2. Wait >15 minutes

  3. Build a Teams site from your Group

    1. Open Teams and choose “create or join a team”.  When prompted, select “create a Team from an existing group”

    2. If you waited >15 minutes then Teams should recognize the Group you previously built.

    3. Select that group. If you don’t see the previously created Group, wait a few more minutes.

  4. Get your Group calendar URL

    1. Log into from your favorite browser

    2. Open the web version of Outlook

    3. Open the Group name on the bottom left → click the “Go to the group calendar” icon

    4. Copy the URL from the top of the browser

  5. Add the URL to a “Website” tab

    1. Open Teams

    2. Browse to the Teams site and channel you want to host the calendar; I like using the General channel for apps and calendars that should be visible to everyone in a Teams site.

    3. Click the + sign at the top of the channel to add a new tab

    4. Choose the “Website” app

    5. Give the calendar a name, and paste the URL into the appropriate field

    6. Click OK

  6. Enjoy!  You should now have a calendar that’s visible in your Teams site and accessible to everyone in your Team.




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