Requesting a Sponsored Account

Request Vendor Account 

  1. Go to

    1. Note: You must be on the SU campus network or connected to the Global Protect VPN to view this website.

  2. Click on “Request Account”.


Requestor information 

3. The requestor’s information is automatically pulled from Azure. Check your information and fill in the Phone number and Department fields.



Sponsored Account information 

4. Choose the corresponding approving department.


5. Choose the corresponding account type .



6. Enter the following info of the users receiving the Sponsored Account: 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Non-SU Email 

  • Start Date 

  • Expire date 


7. Before granting permissions, make sure to specify the expiration date. 

8. By default the start date is today and the end is the end of the current fiscal year. Check if these dates are correct.

9. Grant permissions that will only be needed by this account.



Permission requests will be submitted to the ITS Service Desk to be reviewed by respective departments. 

Approval and Account Creation 

10. The account request will be submitted to the approver of the selected department. Requests can be approved up to 24 hours after the request was submitted.  Any longer and the request will need to be resubmitted. 

11. Once the sponsored account request is approved or denied, the requestor will receive an email notification. 

12. If approved, the account will be created within 1 hour of the approval and the requestor will receive an email notification. 

13. After the account is created, go into the Manage Accounts screen. Search for the user you requested and click the “Manage” button.

14. You can set the password for the account by clicking the “Reset Password” button. A password will be displayed on the screen that can’t be recovered. Share this password with the sponsor, preferably over a phone call.

15. Next, have the sponsored account user change their password to only a value they know by going to The new password must not include their name and it must be 12 or more characters long. Please wait up to 5 minutes for the new password to sync to all SU systems before trying to sign in with the new password.