Zoom Outlook Delegate Scheduling Troubleshooting

The Zoom Outlook plugin is available for any user to add a Zoom meeting to any Outlook invitation. In order to schedule on behalf of someone else, or on behalf of another shared mailbox, delegate permissions must be set up in Outlook and in Zoom.

If someone is set up correctly and reports an issue with meeting updates not reaching attendees, use the following steps to make sure the Zoom plugin is updated prior to sending the updated meeting invitation.

An issue has not yet been reported with creating or cancelling meetings, issues only seem to occur with meeting updates. This includes adding text to the title or description, adding or removing attendees, or changing the date/time.

From Zoom Support: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/4406055170317-Scheduling-meetings-with-the-Outlook-add-in


A meeting is created on behalf of someone else, but needs to be updated. If the scheduler only updates the Outlook meeting invitation and clicks the Send Update button, the meeting will not save any changes or send any updates to any attendees.


The Zoom Outlook plugin must be updated first before sending the meeting update.

  1. Double click to open the Outlook meeting and make any updates.

  2. Open the Zoom plugin settings by clicking on the cog wheel icon in the Outlook toolbar.


  1. Click the blue Update button.

    1. Note that a duplicate meeting location link may appear (see screenshot below), but the meeting ID#s should remain the same.

  1. A pop up box will appear near the bottom of the Zoom Outlook plugin window saying you may now send updates.

  1. Once the pop up box appears, click the Send Update button in the Outlook invitation. This will send updates to all attendees as well as update their Zoom and Outlook.


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