Seattle University Default Zoom Waiting Room Settings

Waiting room will be enabled by default for all meetings after August 16, 2020. This is a security measure Zoom added in order to ensure all participants joining the meeting should be there. It is intended to catch any malicious users before they crash or “Zoom-bomb” your meeting.

Default Waiting Room Settings

  • You may bypass the waiting room and immediately join any meeting by using your Seattle University Zoom account. 

  • Anyone who has bypassed the waiting room may allow anyone from the waiting room into the meeting if the Host or Co-Host are not present.

  • You may also message people in the waiting room.    

You may adjust these settings as needed for individual meetings.  You may also enable meeting passcodes as a best practice, especially if you disable waiting room.   

The image below shows displays the default settings for Seattle University waiting room:


The waiting room screen looks like this for all users:

Note the following:

  • Users who authenticate via Single Sign-On (SSO) with their SU email address will bypass waiting room. 

  • Any host, co-host, or participant who bypassed the waiting room may admit participants from the waiting room. 

  • Starting on September 27, 2020 Zoom will force all meetings to use passcodes or waiting rooms.  If nothing is enabled, by default Zoom will enforce waiting room. 

Can I Disable Waiting Room? 

Yes.  However, it is recommended that you then use passcodes for your meetings as a best practice security measure.   


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