How to Change Waiting Room Zoom Settings 

Waiting room will be enabled by default for all meetings after August 16, 2020. This is a security measure Zoom added in order to ensure all participants joining the meeting should be there. It is intended to catch any malicious users before they crash or “Zoom-bomb” your meeting.

Starting on September 27, 2020 Zoom will force all meetings to use passcodes or waiting rooms.  If nothing is enabled, by default Zoom will enforce waiting room. 

How to Change Waiting Room Zoom Settings 

The host may change their settings based on how they would like to manage the waiting room during their meeting.   

  1. Log in to the Zoom web client at with your SU credentials.

  2. Click on Settings on the left side menu.


  3. Waiting Room is currently at the top of the Meeting settings. Click the link to Edit Options.


  4. Use the radio buttons to change your settings and click the Continue button to save. Saved changes are effective immediately.


  5. To disable Waiting Room, simply click the blue toggle button from the Settings menu.


Please note that: 

  • The host’s current settings will take effect once the meeting starts (regardless of how they were set when scheduling the meeting). 

  • If you are scheduling on someone else’s behalf, your settings will not override the host’s settings.  The person hosting the meeting must have their settings in place as they would like during the meeting. 

  • If you as the host change your settings, that change will take effect immediately.   

For example, a host may wish for everyone to be placed in the waiting room prior to the meeting, not just users external to  The host could schedule the meeting in advance with the default settings in place, change their settings immediately prior to starting the meeting, and then change them back once the meeting is over.    

Can I Disable Waiting Room? 

Yes.  However, it is recommended that you then use passcodes for your meetings as a best practice security measure.   


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