Teams: Dialing into a meeting

If you do not have Teams installed on your computer, go to

Log in with your Seattle University e-mail and password if prompted.

From the app launcher at the top of the page, find and select the Teams icon.

You will be prompted to download the app (recommended) or you can use the web app.


Once you have installed the Teams App, launch it from the start menu.
Once open, if you close or minimize the Teams window, Teams will still be running and accessible from the Windows Taskbar.


Teams will stay open and run in the background unless you right-click the taskbar icon and choose “sign out” or “quit”. This way you can still receive calls and messages without the clutter of an open window on your desktop.



Access your Outlook calendar within Teams from the menu in the left column and then select the event you want to join. Click, “Join online now” for audio + video or use the provided contact info below to join via phone for audio only.


Once you have clicked “Join online now” from the calendar event, a new window will launch where you can preview your settings, select a custom background, and turn on/off your camera and mic.

Click “Join Now” once you are satisfied with your settings and you will now be in the meeting.


Need additional help? Submit a ticket in our new portal here: IT Service Desk Help Center