Student Employee (SE) Account FAQ


Student Employee (SE) Accounts allow SU student workers to separate work data from academic data.  These fully-functional accounts are unique and separate from normal student accounts, and include access to University computers (including VDI), Internet and wireless network access, and Office 365 email/calendar/contacts/OneDrive. Like other University accounts SE- accounts can be granted access (with manager approval) to T Drive, MPS, distribution list, and other University applications.

SE accounts are created upon request by a student worker manager, and automatically disable on June 30th each year.  Student worker managers can request one-year renewals by contacting the SU Help Desk. Student worker managers are responsible for providing the username and password to an assigned student worker.

Which students need SE- Accounts?

Any student worker manager can request an SE accounts for their student worker(s).  SE- accounts allow for separation between a student worker’s “work data and work applications”  and their “academic data and academic applications”.  This includes some - not all - student workers, club officers, advising coordinators, and students who lead on-campus organizations.  Not every student worker will need a SE- account, and not every student worker manager will request a SE- account. 

When/How should I use my SE- Account?

Student workers and their manager should discuss when and how to use an SE- account.  Generally a student worker will use their assigned SE- account to perform work-related job functions.  Popular campus examples include logging in to a campus computer to access or manage job-specific applications; saving data to a T Drive location; or printing to a work-specific MPS budget code.

For Third Party Applications that require integrations with Colleague (ex: Canvas, ChromeRiver, StarRez, ProcureSU) please contact the application administrator about granting permissions to an SE account.

What shouldn't I use my SE- Account for?

We do not recommend using your SE- account to manage your student academic data.  Use your normal SU account, which was provided to you upon acceptance to Seattle University.

How can my supervisor request an SE- Account?

Student worker managers and supervisors request SE- accounts by contacting the SU Help Desk.  Be prepared to provide the student worker’s first and last name, department, and regular SU email address.

How can my supervisor extend my SE- Account?

Student worker managers and supervisors can submit a ticket to the SU Help Desk to extend any SE- accounts into the next academic year if the student is returning to their role. This must be requested annually for security purposes.

How are SE- Accounts different from SA- accounts?

SE- accounts are fully-functional University accounts that provide computer login, Office 365, wireless, internet, and MPS capabilities.

SA- accounts were only designed to provide access to Seattle University Exchange Email Public Folders.  As of June 2017 SA- accounts are no longer provisioned, and have been functionally replaced by SE- Accounts.  Existing SA- accounts are still functional, however SA- account managers should contact the SU Help Desk to request an SE- account to replace SA- accounts.

Need additional help? Submit a ticket in our new portal here: IT Service Desk Help Center